Following the obsolescence of ISDN and DateXP (X25) in the last years, the demand for a professional, international data exchange OFTP2 (Odette File Transfer Protocol 2.0) solution has arisen.

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More than 20 years of experience in the field of OFTP data transfer The PRODETTE software is currently developed, supported and sold as a standalone software by the ID Ingenieursgesellschaft für Datentechnik.


With more than 20 years experience in the automotive industry and more than 3000 customers worldwide, we have built an application that meets all the requirements which are expected of an OFTP2-software. We also offer a much higher scope of services than most of the enterprise solutions on the market.

PRODETTE comes with an easy-to-use installation- and configuration-wizard, an integrated project management system with file-versioning support, and extensive communication interfaces within the core system. The PRODETTE software also comes with support for the VDA ENGDAT standard, which is not only needed in the automotive industry, but in others as well. This makes PRODETTE a perfect choice.

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Easy to use and powerful

  • Newly redesigned interface with a lightweight and intuitive quick-start screen along with various wizards and assistants
  • Ability to connect to the user via email within the system
  • Virtually unlimited filesize for data transmissions (1 million gigabytes per message)
  • Complete Unicode support for the exchange of data and messages with the Asian market

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Efficient and trusted

  • Fast, standardized file exchange over TCP/IP as well as X.25 and ISDN
  • PRODETTE is an extension of the ProLeiS software that is used by over 3,000 customers worldwide

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Secure and customer-oriented

  • Secure data-transfer over TCP/IP that is encrypted with official certificates from ODETTE according to RFC5024
  • PRODETTE is developed with a focus on the transfer of EDI-, JIT-, and CAD/CAM-files over the internet
  • Inclusive support for the VDA ENGDAT/ENGPART standard

Flexible and team-oriented

  • Interrupted transmissions are automatically restarted
  • Data-import compatibility with older systems conforming to the RFC5024 standard
  • Integrated project management system with support for file-versioning

Different PRODETTE versions

... for different use cases. PRODETTE can be run on a single workstation or be used with a dedicated server on your network for the automatic transmission of files.

Please use the contact form below if you have any further questions or need more information.

The PRODETTE core is used by over 3.000 customers worldwide

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